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(Anime Figure) 5 Tips For Maintaining Anime Figure Toys [Anime Mania Blog]

5 Tips For Maintaining Anime Figure Toys     Buying collectible anime action figures is a long process as you need to think which figures to choose and which to ignore. You make an extensive search online and offline before making a decision. It's a stressful process. Well, your job is not done yet, after buying the figures you also need to take proper care of them so that you can gladly show them to your friends. You need to maintain your action figures toys always and for that here are some useful tips.   1. The Preservation - The preservation of collectible anime figures is not a complicated process, it is very simple. Actually, the packaging of these toys...

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(Dragon Ball Super) Is Vegito more like Goku or Vegeta? [Anime Mania Blog]

Is Vegito more like Goku or Vegeta?   Well let's know more about this dragon ball super character   Vegito's type of personality consists of both Goku and Vegeta. Although he tends to be inclined toward Vegeta's cockiness by taunting others, it is not his prime action. By inherited Goku's easygoing, relax and cheerful nature, Vegito seems to properly behave more than Vegeta.  . By possessing Vegeta's analytical and strategic skills and Goku's ingenuity and creativity, Vegito seems to be a lot more efficient with a sense of humor. Observed from his fight with Super Buu, Vegito appeared to have the sense of humor when Buu turned Vegito into candy and Vegito claimed that he wasn't just a normal candy, but a jawbreaker (the...

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